Advantages of Cellular PVC

  • Will not rot
  • Resists mildew and fungus
  • Will not absorb moisture
  • Carries a UL-VO-94 fire rating
  • Passed salt water exposure of 1000hrs
  • Surface hardness superior to pine
  • Screw holding power is superior to pine

Joining / Fastening Cellular PVC

PVC to PVC or PVC to wood, use screws or adhesive.

  • Drywall screws with large thread or flute
  • Sub-floor adhesive
  • PVC cement

Holes can be filled with colored caulk or putty. To raise dents or marks on the profiles, usa a hair dryer.

Painting Cellular PVC

Painting is not required for varying periods of time depending on exposure to ultraviolet rays and pollution. Should immediate painting be desired, follow these instructions:

Exterior Latex Paint
  • Clean surface to bepainted
  • Paint surface with acrylic exterior latex paint.
  • For latex paint use a latex or acrylic primer before applying the finish coat.

Oil Base Paint

  • Lightly sand surface
  • Paint surface with fast-drying alkyed primer
  • Allow to dry
  • Apply finish coat